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Smart Lock

We all care about keeping our data safe and private. Google Smart Lock brings a new level of intelligence to make security effortless.

Online safety made easy.

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Protects your account

Google protects the information in your Google Account by checking hundreds of signals for suspicious activity and letting you control which apps and sites are able to access your data. You can manage all your privacy and security settings in one place, My Account.

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Remembers passwords

Smart Lock helps you use strong and unique passwords across your apps and sites, and keeps you signed-in automatically without having to remember or retype them.

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For Android

Smart Lock for Android keeps your phone or tablet unlocked when it’s with you. And when your device senses it may not be safe, it’ll need to be manually unlocked. You can tell Smart Lock what signals to check, like proximity to your smartwatch, or the trusted locations you select.

Turn on Smart Lock for Android

If you have a Nexus device, go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock, and choose how you want your device to recognize when it’s safe to stay unlocked. Just follow the prompts to experience Android unlocking bliss. If you have a different Android device, look for Smart Lock in your Settings.  Learn more

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For Chromebook

Android devices and Chromebooks now work together to keep you safe. When your Android phone is unlocked and nearby, you can log into your Chromebook with just one tap (and if not, it stays locked). So when Smart Lock makes it easy to get to your Android phone, it works for Chromebooks too.

Turn on Smart Lock for Chromebook

On your Chromebook, go to Settings > Show advanced settings... > Smart Lock for Chromebook > Set up, and then follow the instructions to help your Chromebook find your Android phone for the first time. Next time you open your Chromebook with your Android phone nearby and unlocked, you’ll breeze past Chromebook’s sign-in screen with a click.  Learn more

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For Passwords

Smart Lock for Passwords helps you unlock sites or apps by offering to save passwords with your Google Account. When you save a password in Chrome, an integrated Android app can let you right in. And when you save your password in an app on Android, you can get right into the same service in Chrome or on other Android devices. We promise you won’t miss that frustrating “Forgot password” routine.

Turn on Smart Lock for Passwords

When Smart Lock offers to save your password for a particular site or app, just click OK to have Smart Lock remember your login for that service. Next time, signing in will be a snap.  Learn more

Developers: streamline and strengthen sign-in to your apps and sites with Smart Lock for Passwords. Learn more

Section Image: Android and Chromebook now play nice together
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At Work

Smart Lock features can also be used for work accounts and enables IT administrators to help their employees do all the “right” things to keep their corporate data safe online. It helps employees better protect their accounts, and their devices, but without a lot of hassle. They can then use them to access IT & SaaS apps via single sign-on instead of constantly typing insecure passwords. All this is controlled from a simple web-based console to avoid the need for complex on-premise software or tools. Learn more

IT & Saas Developers: streamline and strengthen sign-in to your business focused apps and sites. Learn more

Section Image: Android and Chromebook now play nice together