GSM 2016 Eagle Lake Observatory
Jun 11, 2016Public
Photo: As we arrive, the roof of the main Onan Observatory has been rolled back.
Photo: This building is the Sylvia A. Casby Observatory, which has been operational since 2013.
Photo: When we arrived the telescopes in the Casby Observatory were still under wraps.
Photo: The Casby Observatory houses an 8″ TMB design refractor, a Takahashi Mewlon 300 Dall-Kirkham, and a SV102 refractor. These telescopes sit on an Astro Physics 3600 GTO mount, under a 12.5 foot Ash-Dome.
Photo: Suresh explains the operation of the telescopes and what we will be seeing. My friend Suresh first suggested that GSM might like a tour of their facility, and I readily agreed.
Photo: Although not yet dark, GSM members wait turns to see Jupiter and its 4 Galilean moons, which are already visible through the telescopes.
Photo: The Onan Observatory houses more than a dozen telescopes on four observing platforms.
Photo: The Onan Observatory held its first public star party on April 28, 2000.
Photo: Each mount accommodates multiple refractor telescopes.
Photo: We queue up to see Jupiter and our moon through the various Onan Observatory telescopes.
Photo: Multiple telescopes on one mount mean more than one person can view Jupiter at the same time.
Photo: We are amazed at what we can see!
Photo: The telescopes automatically track the celestial objects they are pointed at, controled by this PC which shows us the current night sky.
Photo: We were also treated to a nice sunset with some lingering clouds as we waited for full darkness.
Photo: The cresent moon is clearly visible at sunset.