Iceland 2013 Day 8
Feb 23, 2014Public
Photo: Lake Tjörnin ("The Pond") in Reykjavík
Photo: Homes along Lake Tjörnin
Photo: Statue in Reykjavík of Jón Sigurðsson (June 17, 1811 – December 7, 1879), who was the leader of the 19th century Icelandic independence movement.
Photo: Building in Reykjavík
Photo: "Reykjavík 871±2" is an exhibition on the settlement of Reykjavík, created by the Reykjavik City Museum. 871±2 refers to the approximate date of the settlement.
Photo: The exhibition is based on the archaeological excavation of the ruin of one of the first houses in Iceland and findings from other excavations in the city center. This is a scale drawing in the museum.
Photo: Scale model of the Viking longhouse.
Photo: The site of the longhouse, over which the museum was built.
Photo: The outer walls of the longhouse were made of turf pieces, known as strengur, with some added stone at their base. The roof was also of turf.
Photo: Actual wall of the Viking longhouse.
Photo: For further information, visit:
Photo: Diane, Mary Kay, and Tom boarding our 4-passenger plane at the Reykjavík domestic airport.
Photo: My view of the instrument panel.
Photo: Mary Kay and Diane on board. The plane is noisy, so the headsets let us communicate with the pilots.
Photo: My seat was right below the wing.
Photo: We are on our way! Aerial view of Reykjavík Airport.
Photo: Aerial view of Christ the King Cathedral (Landakotskirkja), Reykjavik, by which we had walked the previous day.
Photo: Seltjarnarnes peninsula, over whose perimeter we had walked the previous day.
Photo: sand spit