GSM 2015 July Keweenaw MI - Day 2
Sep 18, 2015Public
Photo: Many of us stayed on the Michigan Tech campus in the Hillside Place dorm, which proved to be a very nice accommodation.
Photo: Although we experienced no rain during the field trip itself, we did have a brief shower early this morning, which produced this very nice rainbow.
Photo: Patio & outdoor fireplace at Hillside Place
Photo: Bill Rose at Brunette Park describing what we will see during Day 2.
Photo: Bill has his audience captivated!
Photo: Beautiful weather for an outdoor lecture.
Photo: The beach at Brunette Park
Photo: It may appear to be a sea monster, but it is sandstone just below the surface.
Photo: Brain Kass, who is a Quincy Mine interpretor, was Bill & Erika's assistant for Day 2. He invited us to his family's cabin so we could explore their shoreline. Thanks, Brian!
Photo: Erika explaining the geology on which she is standing.
Photo: The sandstone shoreline at Brian's cabin (actually their neighbor's).
Photo: You can see the soft sandstone erodes quite easily and forms a crumbly cliff here.
Photo: Some trees are undermined by the erosion and hang on for dear life.
Photo: Here the sandstone has formed into very thin, brittle layers.
Photo: Erika pointing out the route to our next destination.
Photo: Beautifully eroded Jacobsville Sandstone shore at Rabbit Bay on the east side of the Keweenaw Peninsula.
Photo: Although Jacobsville Sandstone was a favored building material over 100 years ago, the rock at this location is obviously too soft and brittle to be used as a building material.