GSM 2016 July Iron Range - Day 3
Aug 27, 2016Public
Photo: On Saturday July 23, we hunted fossils and toured the historic open pit mine in this park.
Photo: At the Cretaceous Ore Pile, we hunt for fossils, searching for sharks' teeth, clams, and other ocean critters.
Photo: These fossils were formed over 86 million years ago when a sea covered the area. We can keep what we find.
Photo: We search through overburden material that had been piled up when the mine was active.
Photo: Roxy enjoys getting down to the dirt.
Photo: Chuck uses the sifter to find small pieces of fossil.
Photo: A few of the larger fossils found in the past at this site. (We found nothing so spectacular.)
Photo: Fellow GSM member and Science Museum of Minnesota Volunteer Project Lead John Westgaard describes the research being done by him and research partner Doug Hanks.
Photo: They have been examining the roughly 90 million year old Cretaceous Materials on the Mesabi Iron Range the last two summers, concentrating their work in this park.
Photo: John is very passionate about his work in the park. He does volunteer research there most weekends in the summer.
Photo: Fossils from the deposits indicate a near shore marine habitat. They are represented by snails, shellfish, ammonites, bony fish, sharks, a few reptiles, and plant materials. John's project aims to examine the historic science, preserve new material, and report a greater understanding of the Coleraine Formation.
Photo: A collection of the fossils found at Hill Annex Mine.
Photo: Tapes species are fresh water clams.
Photo: Inoceramus (Greek meaning  "strong pot") is an extinct genus of fossil marine pteriomorphian bivalves that superficially resembled the related winged pearly oysters.
Photo: John's research is especially interested in fossils of vertebrates, such as fish.
Photo: Otodus is an extinct genus of mackerel shark. The name Otodus comes from Greek meaning "ear-shaped tooth".
Photo: A reproduction of a prized crocodile jaw. The original is safely housed at the Science Museum of Minnesota.
Photo: This is another area of rock disturbed by mining in which we hunt for fossils.
Photo: Frank & Roxy are avid fossil hunters.
Photo: Cheryl whacks away while Kathy looks on.
Photo: Kathy takes her own turn with a hammer.