GSM 2017 Nebraska Day 3
Aug 31, 2017Public
Photo: Monday, August 21, 2017: Dave showing Larry & Marilyn where we will meet to view the eclipse. (Larry's photo)
Photo: Corner of the pasture from which we will view the eclipse. Grand Island Road is on the left; farm road where we parked is on the right. We are just east of Nebraska State Highway 10. (Larry's photo)
Photo: Bill with help from friend Martin setting up his camera equipment along Grand Island Road so he could get panoramic shots to the south without power lines.
Photo: While they set up, Martin's dog Winnie (aka Winslow) waits patiently, wondering what all this activity is about.
Photo: View from our vantage point back toward the cars.
Photo: We viewed from the crest of this hill in a cow pasture. Farther down is a home-made motocross track and a pond for the cattle.
Photo: Looking up the hill at our group assembling for the eclipse. Our vantage point was excellent. (Ly's photo)
Photo: (Ly's photo)
Photo: (Larry's photo)
Photo: At 11:08 AM, partial eclipse has not yet begun.
Photo: Kate and her friend
Photo: Dave trying out his solar glasses. (photo by Cathy)
Photo: Dick being Dick.
Photo: 11:27 AM: Cathy drumming to celebrate the eclipse.
Photo: There was enough breeze to keep us comfortable, but apparently too much for Sherry's pink parasol.
Photo: Stacy & Dan D. get ready to trek to the pasture.
Photo: (Bill's photo)
Photo: Frank takes his turn with the drum.
Photo: Tom sets up his telescope with a solar filter.
Photo: At 11:50 AM, Dave & Kathy take a look at the partial eclipse just underway. (Bill's photo)