GSM 2015 July Keweenaw MI - Day 3
Nov 3, 2015Public
Photo: Haven Falls is a steep drop over rough conglomerate rock with several smaller upstream drops on the cluttered little creek.
Photo: Depending on the time of the year, this waterfall turns from a foaming curtain to the barest trickle of water down the rock.
Photo: We walked this trail to some spectacular views of Lake Superior.
Photo: The ledge on which we stood
Photo: Steve Trynoski, who help lead this part of the trip, surveys the lake. (Steve told us some interesting stories of inexperienced kayakers in trouble off the Keweenaw.)
Photo: Looking north along the east shore of the Keweenaw Peninsula
Photo: Ly and Charlie arrive at the overlook.
Photo: Steve & Erika describe the geology. The Keweenaw fault is very near the shoreline here, which provides the dramatic overlook of Lake Superior.
Photo: Looking toward the south. Notice all the currents on the surface of Lake Superior.
Photo: Our lunch stop on the east coast of the Keweenaw  Peninsula (from the French Bête grise, "Gray Beast")
Photo: Local legend says that the musical "voice" that emanates from the sand is that of a Native American maid who lost her lover to the Great Lakes and still calls to him from the shore with the aid of visitors who "play" the sand. The sand can be made to "sing" by pressing down with the palm of the hand or "bark" when struck.
Photo: After lunch, back on the Agassiz: a submersible rover. Unfortunately, conditions did not allow us to see it in action.
Photo: The hold of the Agassiz. Notice the facility on the right.
Photo: We set out on Lac La Belle (French: "Lake Beautiful"), past a series of boat houses.
Photo: It was a bit gray when we set out.
Photo: A map of the Keweenaw, with Lac La Belle in the center. The black line with triangles separating the deep orange and the pale orange areas marks the Keweenaw Fault.
Photo: The red line shows the Agassiz's route, after which we doubled back. Notice how the shoreline follows the Keweenaw Fault.