GSM 2015 March Nevada - Day 3
May 7, 2015Public
Photo: Our bus to the Black Canyon raft trip.
Photo: The road our bus took down the side of Black Canyon.
Photo: Looking back up to the road we took.
Photo: Preparing to board the raft, with a beautiful view of the Colorado River in the background.
Photo: Out boatman prepares the raft for our boarding. Notice the absolutely perfect weather.
Photo: Looking upstream toward Hoover Dam and the spillway tunnels.
Photo: Hoover Dam with the power plants at the base.
Photo: The west (Nevada) power plant at the base of the dam. (We will tour it that afternoon.)
Photo: The Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge is an arch bridge that spans the Colorado River between the states of Arizona and Nevada.
Photo: The Nevada side of the bridge.
Photo: The center arch of the bridge. (We will walk over this bridge later that day.)
Photo: GSM field trip participants posing "in front of the dam" (or not!)
Photo: End of a spillway tunnel on the Nevada side.
Photo: Cormorants congregate near the Arizona spillway tunnels.
Photo: One of the Arizona spillway tunnels.
Photo: Cormorants enjoy the man-made roosts.
Photo: GSM passengers photograph the spillway and the canyon walls.
Photo: Marilyn & Larry
Photo: An old walkway and tower on the Nevada side.
Photo: I'd rather be on the boat than on the walkway!