GSM 2016 WA County Environmental Center
Apr 2, 2016Public
Photo: It was a very breezy day!
Photo: The center recycles electronics of all types. They have retained a few very vintage televisions for display.
Photo: This is not a radio; it is a television. Not exactly wide screen!
Photo: Two slightly newer TV models.
Photo: Remember console TVs? And what is that on top?
Photo: An early personal computer. Could it be considered a laptop? :-)
Photo: Remember the Commodore 64? This is its earlier cousin the Commodore 16.
Photo: Early cell phones.
Photo: Some of us prepare to watch the video presentation. Note the block on the far right.
Photo: We all participated in a contest to guess the number of cans within this crushed block. (Answer later.)
Photo: A TV and a circuit board. Why is the TV enclosed in clear glass?
Photo: It is a TV from Stillwater Prison. The clear glass makes it harder to hide contraband within.
Photo: The circuit board is from a Cray computer. Note that printed circuits are made of gold alloy.
Photo: A vintage telephone dry cell.
Photo: This room enphasizes Reuse. Paints and other materials that are still usuable are made available to the public for free. Each 5 gallon bucket contains a paint mixture, a dot of which is on the cover so a consumer knows what color he/she is getting.
Photo: Some of the items the center collects.
Photo: Some vintage hazardous substances.
Photo: This display is made of aersol paint cans which have been emptied, then retrieved from the recycling stream for this display.