GSM 2017 Nebraska Day 5 Part 1
Sep 9, 2017Public
Photo: The area we explored is within the red rectangle, through which both forks of the Platte River flow.
Photo: The black line shows the approximate route for Day 5. This album includes all but Kingsley Dam and Cedar Point Biological Station, which are in album Day 5, Part 2.
Photo: We started our day at West Central Research and Extension Center (WCREC) in North Platte, a part of the University of Nebraska.
Photo: Since 1904, the West Central Research and Extension Center has addressed problems and concerns specific to the counties of West Central Nebraska.
Photo: We knew we were in the right place when we saw this welcoming sign.
Photo: Mural on the conference room wall.
Photo: Mural on the conference room wall.
Photo: We first visit the plant pathology laboratory of Tony Adesemoye, Asst. Professor.
Photo: We listen to descriptions of various work being done in the plant pathology lab.
Photo: I'm sure I would not want to store my food in a plant pathology lab freezer!
Photo: For the rest of our tour of WCREC, we board a "people mover" which takes us to various labs on the campus.
Photo: (photo by Jean)
Photo: It was a very pleasant morning for a ride around campus.
Photo: We travel past the North Platte Memorial Garden/Nebraska Statewide Arboretum.
Photo: Some work being done on campus.
Photo: Daran Rudnick, Asst. Professor, describes the Testing Ag Performance Solutions competition, in which various state farmers compete to select the best combination of inputs (water, fertilizer, etc.) to produce the most cost-effective crop yield.
Photo: The contest is done in this field on the other side of Highway 83.
Photo: As we listen, we hear fire sirens for the fire whose smoke appears in the background.
Photo: Our next stop is the Agroecosystems Entomology Laboratory, where Julie Peterson, Asst. Professor, speaks to us. At top left, notice the giant caterpillar on the wall - more about that later.
Photo: Julie Peterson describing her lab's work.