Lion's Head Twirly-Whirly route photo RD
Jul 11, 2011Public
Photo: MCSA club meet on LH Twirly Whirly climb - 01
Photo: The big rock where the Fire watcher's hut used to be
Photo: Climb up to the SE corner
Photo: Go around on a narrow ledge above the Glen
Photo: Climb up to the big sandstone cave
Photo: Wally's cave
Photo: Retrace your steps from the cave
Photo: Follow the contour below the rock band
Photo: The bottom chains on the old circular route
Photo: Climb the 2 short chain pitches
Photo: Traverse south to avoid the main chains
Photo: Take the easy alternative to the main chains
Photo: Avoid the fence and step over to the ledge below the rock climbs
Photo: At the end of the ledge descend slightly
Photo: Follow a narrow traverse above Fresnaye
Photo: Spectacular view from he corner
Photo: In the sun near White patch
Photo: Traverse the broad ledge on the Kramat side of the peak
Photo: Easy going but look for the cairns
Photo: Around this corner is a faint path on a bushy diagonal slope
Photo: The slope lead to the 'Mane' ridge
Photo: Relax on the summit 669m
Photo: Descend the 'Mane'
Photo: Continue the scramble towards Kloof nek