Kasteel's Buttress 'B' route
Jul 6, 2009Public
Photo: Location of route on The 12 Apostles
Photo: Line of route on Kasteels Buttress
Photo: Close view of route
Photo: Start up KP Path
Photo: If dry, Valken ravine stream bed can be used
Photo: Else take bushed path to right of ravine
Photo: Ascending Valken ravine stream bed
Photo: Landmark Tea cave out on right
Photo: Beware Blister Bush (Peucedanum Galbanum)
Photo: Traverse right at head of Valken ravine onto a rock ledge
Photo: Follow this ledge rightwards
Photo: Step up blocks at end of ledge to access Kasteels gully
Photo: Scramble up to this cliff barrier
Photo: Either climb this steep face on balance
Photo: Or round the corner to 'Cups and Saucers'
Photo: This face is vertical but has large holds
Photo: It is advisable to use a rope here
Photo: Now the route leads out right again
Photo: Original line climbs smooth grassy recesses in the left corner
Photo: Now on a broad ledge
Photo: Keep traversing right, following cairns
Photo: Short gully is climbed
Photo: View of Postern Buttress
Photo: Path now goes diagonally up left to the headwall