Hell's Gates route for Mountain Meanders
Apr 8, 2012Public
Photo: Do the right thing and get a permit
Photo: Orange Kloof Ring Road descends to the Disa River
Photo: Start of Hell's Gates route where the Disa River crosses the Ring Road
Photo: Path alternates from one side to the other
Photo: Traverse above several pools
Photo: The stream bed can be followed, but not always!
Photo: Stopped by the problem pool
Photo: A narrow slippery ledge is the only way past
Photo: The key move is stepping down onto a foothold
Photo: Watching the rest of the party negotiate the traverse
Photo: Above the pool, looking for Disas on the cliffs
Photo: The way is blocked by a low cliff
Photo: Lovely pool patterns at the base
Photo: Short rock scramble
Photo: Surmounting the low cliff
Photo: Plunge pool for the hot days only
Photo: Step onto a higher ledge
Photo: Very steep ascent on leaf mould under the trees
Photo: The next waterfall is a pretty spot for a rest
Photo: Above this barrier the way is either out left or right
Photo: A good tea spot in the sun on this rocky knoll
Photo: Then the path dives into trees again, and next to the stream
Photo: This tree climbing obstacle is fun, but can be avoided around left
Photo: At the Hell's Gate cleft