Aug 4, 2006Public
Photo: 1938
Photo: 1938
Photo: closeup of 1938 westinghouse range.
Photo: 1938
Photo: 1938 GE refrigerator
Photo: 1938
Photo: 1938 linoleum ad
Photo: 1934 model kitchen
Photo: 1935 model kitchen
Photo: 1937 model kitchen
Photo: 1938 electric model kitchen
Photo: 1930's  refrigerator
Photo: 1931 congoleum ad
Photo: A 1937  up to date London kitchen
Photo: Lillian Moller Gilbreth's design for a 1930's model kitchen. I recall reading in one of her childrens' books, that their mother's kitchen at home was still a large rambling Victorian looking one because that was the way her old cook liked it.