House Beautiful Oct 1956
Feb 12, 2012Public
Photo: The Drexel Counterpoint dining room and bedroom
Photo: Another Counterpoint dining combination and some living room seating
Photo: This chair was also part of the Counterpoint collection, tucked off by itself on the far edge of the previous ad.
Photo: The designer of Drexel Furniture's new for 1956 Counterpoint collection, John Van Koert, and some of his sketches. He looks a little scary.  I found more about the designer :
Photo: From an article about Drexel furniture's new Counterpoint design
Photo: From an article about the Drexel Counterpoint cabinets, noting their versatility. You could arrange them into groups to fit your needs
Photo: The Counterpoint collection rated not only double page ads from Drexel Furniture and an article spanning several pages, B.F. Goodrich also ran an ad too. Many 1950's ads featuring furniture were sponsored by the rubber companies that manufactured the foam cushions that went into the chairs & sofas.
Photo: Who picked out all the fish prints on the wall? Dad looks like the fishing type, mom sits doing needlepoint
Photo: Oh cool, mom has an in-kitchen herbal garden. The scalloped trim under the shelf and chrome trim along the counter looks familiar to this child of the 1950's
Photo: And you thought stainless steel appliances were 21st century
Photo: Hotpoint gave you the option of freestanding or buil tin, pink, stainless steel, baby blue, yellow, coppertone, aqua, and yes, white too.
Photo: The wallpaper has a ragged effect
Photo: Walnut seems to have been the popular finish for most modern furniture pieces of the 50's
Photo: The next picture shows the same sofa and chair in another color scheme
Photo: I don't know if the frame of this chair was an early use of PVC piping or if it's wood or metal covered in leather or vinyl.
Photo: Yes, there were TVs with remote controls in 1956. Fleetwood was geared to the upscale market. The handheld remotes were attached to the TV by a wire.
Photo: Cafe curtains must have been something new in the 50's. My mother went through desire for cafe curtains phase.
Photo: The battle of the sexes