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Photo: Another cute baby on the cover, and now it's 5 cents.
Photo: Recipes using one can of corned beef.
Photo: Duz Does Everything
Photo: Don't the ladies remind you of of Lucy Ricardo and her friends from the women's club?
Photo: Eatmor Cranberries offers a  pie recipe
Photo: Instant Coffee was all the rage. My parents always drank Nescafe.
Photo: A recipe for Tropical Orange Pie from Crisco
Photo: 1949 This is from an ad for Alexander Smith Carpet.
Photo: Spam & Hormel chili ads
Photo: In the 30's and 40's A & P was sort of the Walmart of its day, hated by small grocery stores, and anti trust suits were filed against them several times. A & P fought back against the suit in 1949 by running ads like this one, and it worked. People were happy with their A & P and didn't want the government messing with it.

If you'd like to read more, I found an interesting site.

Photo: page 2 of the A & P letter.
Photo: I found some newspaper clippings in the magazine when I bought it. The newspaper was the Boston Daily Record.
Photo: More clippings, doilies to brighten your luncheon table or favorite chair. My mom never used doilies on chairs, but some of her friends did. They weren't calling them antimacassars, just doilies.
Photo: $199 was a lot of money in 1949 when the average house cost $7,450. The average wage was $2,950 a year, and gas cost 16 cents a gallon. You could buy a new car for $1,420. A 16" TV cost $695.
Photo: The Armour company had all sorts of canned meats, except for tamales that came in jars.
Photo: This was a great stove.  One of these was in the house my parents bought in 1960. The kitchen had been remodeled about 10 years before they bought the house and had steel cabinets and a top loading dishwasher which never worked. Mom used to store her rarely used cookware in it.

The Roper stove was still in use till it finally broke down in the late 1970's. It had wonderful simmer burners, and the way the burners were off set worked very nicely.  I remember the other large section had a big broiler with instructions on where to place the rack to broil fruits or a Baked Alaska.
Photo: A handy way to decorate your open kitchen shelves.
Photo: I had forgotten all about hostess aprons.
Photo: Dresses, ankle socks and short pants for boys, though I think the short pants were beginning to be a bit old fashioned by 1949.
Photo: I loved to read Little Lulu comics in the 1950's. She was also featured in Kleenex ads.
Photo: An article about men's fashion foibles.  Page 1 of 7
Photo: page 2 of Derbies Are Male
Photo: page 3 of Derbies Are Male
Photo: page 4 of Derbies Are Male