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Photo: Check out the Cottage & Hollywood curtain sets for 39 and 59 cents.  I like her little stool, and what's with the little guy on the window sill?
Photo: 1947 A very Modern look. My parents aquired a bedroom set with similar styling  and blonde wood. It came with "Hollywood" beds and a big square ottoman covered in chartruese fabric that opened for blanket storage. 
By the way, Hollywood beds were twin beds that used a common headboard and had a night table between them. Check out some of the I Love Lucy reruns
Photo: The Hotpoint electric sink came with a built in dishwasher, and an optional garbage disposal.
Photo: The 1947 Hotpoint electric range
Photo: One of Hotpoint's washers, with a wringer on top. In the 50's, my mother's washer was also round, stood on high legs, and had a lid that lifted off. Her's had spin-dry, though, no wringer.
Photo: An ad from the American Gas Association. The cabinets appear to be the metal type that my mother had.
Photo: Does anyone stuff hot dogs anymore?
Photo: It appears that initially, most dishwashers were top loaders.
Photo: Continuation of the previous, "how to wash dishes"
Photo: The Thor convertible washer 1947
Photo: An ad for the Kelvinator electric range, 1947. Those sliding frosted glass or plastic  doors never seemed to have caught on in the USA.
Photo: DUZ 1947
Photo: Rinso
Photo: In1947 they no longer suggested topping your Shredded Wheat with lobster, instead, try a poached egg. People were still pouring cream on their breakfast cereal. BTW, top milk is the cream that rose to the top of your milk bottle before homogenization. People would have to shake the milk bottle if they wanted a glass of what we call whole milk. I remember that in the 50's the ads on TV were still saying to serve cereal with milk or cream.
Photo: From Good Housekeeping, plans on the next page.
Photo: 1947 house plan
Photo: the garden plan was also offered
Photo: 1947 bedroom. There were lots of decorating choices, from traditional styles to ultra modern, some of which didn't really catch on till the 60's
Photo: They were still selling floral carpets, something that vanished sometime in the 50's.
Photo: To me, the guy looks so desperate for food he'll chow down on anything. The wallpaper looks so 40's early 50's to me.
Photo: Mom used Fels Naptha on dad's dirty work clothes well into the 60's.
Photo: a 1947 dream of a kitchen. When I was a girl in the 50's I wished we could have a banquette like this
Photo: This was a vacuum method coffee maker. To learn more check  Silex Coffee Makers? here..http://www.jitterbuzz.com/indcof.html