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Photo: A room in Aldie Castle. Though this photo was taken in the 1960's, it does represent a timeless look and could suit a Miss Marple cottage. This was a photo in Scottish Country Houses and Castles, by George Scott-Moncreiff, which I aquired  around 1970. Most of the pictures show chairs covered in slipcovers of similar design. Most of the rugs are old and threadbare, and furniture is of assorted centuries and styles.
Photo: 1900. This was the drawing room of a well to do upper middle class clergyman. According to the description in the book, the room was of no special style, just pieces of furniture the family happened to have.
Photo: 1921. The 'cottage style". These are designs by M.H.Baillie Scott.
Photo: Early Victorian hob grate. Miss Marple could very well have had something similar in her small parlour.
To see another hob grate suitable for a parlour check the bedrooms album for the 1883 nursery fireplace.
Photo: This is a model from a British railway museum. The brick walls are made from embossed paper.
Photo: 1902 fireplace design.
Photo: Victorian hob grate
Photo: This is an American example, but the overall look could be suitable.