Aug 23, 2006Public
Photo: a Maxfield Parrish ad for Jello
Photo: ad from the Mahogany Association.
Most of the ads and decorating photos in this issue feature Early American or Colonial stylings.
Photo: Curtis Woodwork Co.
Photo: an insert from the Curtis ad. As you can see, they also made at least some furniture.
Photo: Fairfacts bathroom fixtures
Photo: Sheetrock ad. Ads for metal lath also stressed the fact that it was fireproof.
Photo: from an ad for Ritter Appalachian oak floors.fashionable rooms of the 20's and 30's were much less cluttered than they were in decades before or after.
Photo: Milcor metallic building products
Photo: Simmons mattresses and bedroom furniture.
Photo: concealing the unsightly telephone
Photo: hiding the instrument which should be heard and not seen
Photo: The unsightly telephone is concealed in this book-box.
Photo: more ways to hide those phones