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Photo: Dutch, 17th c. a room in the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Photo: 17th c. window in museum room.
Photo: another corner in the 17th c. museum room
Photo: 17th c. Dutch
Photo: This is a room in 17th c. New Amsterdam. It look remarkably like the Dutch room in the Philadelphia museum.
Photo: 17th c. Dutch. Most staircases were steep and spiraled. Note the valance under the mantle. I've seen this feature in every painting.
Photo: late 17th c. Kitchen of a large house.
Photo: early 17th c. peasant cottage
Photo: This is a very poor photo  but I wanted to include it. This shows a space in the middle of the floor for a kitchen fire, with a large hood for venting smoke above it.  Old peasant farmers' homes were without chimneys and had fireplaces like this. One half of the building was for the farmer, the other half for his livestock. At one time they didn't even have a wall between them. This is not unusual . Many European peasants used to live the same way. Some had animals on the ground floor and people above them on the next.
Photo: 1675 This painting is called Paying the Hostess. They are standing in what is obviously a barn, but at the far end you can see diners and a fireplace. Half barn, half house.
Photo: 1645. Notice the wicker cradle. I've seen cradles just like this one over and over again in Dutch paintings.
Photo: 1660's A wealthy home.
Photo: 1663. A prosperous mother and child. Have you been taking notice of the valences and tiled floors and fireplaces?
Photo: 1647 peasant family. Here we have a tattered bit of cloth hanging above the fire. I was told once that the reason for the cloth was that it helped keep down any smoke. There's a spiral staircase to a sleeping loft and what appears to be a wicker cradle on the floor.
Photo: 1660, a box bed, a split door and an interior window to let more light into the room.
Photo: 1660's, a linen cupboard in an affluent home. Notice the steep spiral staircase and interior window.
Photo: 1653 Peasant family saying grace. Here we see a simple set of ladders leading to the sleeping loft. Note the 3 legged table. Tables and stools with 3 legs are more stable on uneven peasant floors.
Photo: 1661 Peasant family, but fairly prosperous.
Photo: 17th c. Dutch farmhouse