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Photo: 1908 , Mt Airy in Philadelphia
Photo: 1905, Philadelphians will recognize this style of house.
Photo: Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia, colonial revival
Photo: Part of the Normandy Village group of homes built in the 1920's in Chestnut Hill area of Philadelphia.
Photo: Philadelphia, Mt. Airy/Chestnut Hill. This is an office. There's always been a lumber yard or coal yard or something like that next door to it. This small building has always intrigued me.
Photo: This is one of the houses in the 1908 ad.
Photo: Another house in the 1920's Normandy Village.
Photo: Chestnut Hill , Philadelphia.
Photo: Mt. Airy?Chestnut Hill. A Colonial Revival.  The dormers are of a kind seen less often. I like the colors, a pleasant looking house.
Photo: View of a Normandy Village house in Philly.
Photo: Chestnut Hill Colonial Revival. It has a very old Pennsylvania farmhouse look to it, though it is part of a group of similar homes.
Photo: Chestnut Hill colonial revival. A very imposing house.
Photo: 1874 One of my all time favorite small houses. Someone really went to town designing this one.
Photo: This was the New Jersey building at the 1876 Centennial.
Photo: Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill
Photo: Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill. Almost a duplicate of the previous house, they are on the same street.
Photo: Western PA, Greensburg
Photo: Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill
Photo: Philadelphia, Mt.Airy
Photo: Philadelphia, Mt.Airy
Photo: Philadelphia, Mt.Airy. The addition of the wall makes this house look like it belongs in another part of the country. It is a pleasing picture, though.
Photo: Philadelphia, Mt.Airy
Photo: Western PA, Greensburg
Photo: New Hope, PA