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Photo: An early 19th c. bedroom in Chateau Malmaison
Photo: A bedroom from the early 1800's, belonging to Princess Hortense in Chateau Malmaison. It was noted when this photo was published that the room had been untouched since then.
Photo: Granny knitting, warming herself in front of her old fashioned step stove, tea kettle simmering. Behind her you can see this is also her bedroom. When she was a young woman, rooms served several functions.
Photo: 1873, a typical Victorian bedroom, full of antiques. The highboy chest of drawers is Georgian, the mirror above her washstand is from the Federal period.
Photo: A half tester bed ,from an Eastlake dsign
Photo: 1882 a lady's boudoir
Photo: 1878 bedroom fireplace
Photo: bedstead and toilet stand. 1878
Photo: if one cannot afford rugs,bare floors with a simple animal skin will suffice. 1878
Photo: arts and crafts bedroom set , 1898
Photo: In a bedroom of a Maine village home. Taken at Willowbrook village, Newfield, ME.
Photo: The bedroom stove. These people were rather prosperous and owned the village inn.
Photo: The commode/night stand. Handy, isn't it?
Photo: This is Abraham Lincoln's bedroom as it was decorated in the 1890's
Photo: A British governess's bedroom circa 1860.
Photo: A British mid Victorian bedroom, upper middle class. Note the chair being used as a night table. The night table hadn't come into use and it was common practice to set the candle on a handy chair when getting into bed.
Photo: A bedroom stove from a Victorian inn. Willowbrook Village, Maine. Oh yes, and what seems to be a spitoon.
Photo: 1884, an example of a VERY decorated bedroom.
Photo: Also 1885, but more subdued ....with a peacock.
Photo: 1890
Photo: 1900
Photo: circa 1904