Jun 27, 2007Public
Photo: WW 2 era grocery store
Photo: the candy counter. Through the curtain one can glimpse the owner's kitchen. there are photos of it in the 1940's kitchen album
Photo: the grocery store
Photo: The widow's house was built in 1800 and is furnished in the style of 1840. The wallpaper seen here is a recreation of the original paper.
Photo: looking up along the staircase
Photo: the parlor
Photo: the parlor
Photo: the bedroom, dressed for summer to protect against flies and dust
Photo: another view of the bedroom
Photo: another bedroom, with trundle bed seen peeking out from under the main bed.
Photo: the kitchen. The widow also ran her business from here, with her desk in the corner.
Photo: The Shapiro house, the kitchen. The house was built in 1795 and is furnished to reflect its inhabitants from the early 20th century. The Shapiros were a Jewish immigrant family and the house is seen as it would have looked in 1919.
Photo: more of Mrs. Shapiro's kitchen
Photo: the Shapiro's parlor
Photo: the winding central staircase, typical of the 1700's.
Photo: the dining room
Photo: another view of the parlor
Photo: bedroom