Aug 11, 2006Public
Photo: 1902 British fireplace showing a hobgrate with tea kettle
Photo: 1834 painting, English
Photo: 1804, England
Photo: English, 1800 "The Soldier's Widow"
Photo: A Scots box bed. Box beds of various types were used throught the colder regions of Europe.
Photo: early 1800's. A very prosperous Irish cottage.
Photo: This painting was done sometime in the early 1800's, before 1828. A somewhat truer view of English cottage life.
Photo: 18th c. "but and ben" cottage, Scotland. These were the poorest, simplest dwellings. Rushes are on the floor. the house had no chimney, smoke vented out through a hole in the wall above the fireplace.
Photo: An open grate fireplace.
Photo: A hearth in an old English cottage, possibly early 17th c.
Photo: A duck's nest grate. As fuel became scarcer the use of grates became prevalent. This is an early version.