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Photo: 1949
Photo: 1943 Gibson refrigerator ad. In the 40's manufacturer's were  mostly reminding people of the wonderful new things that would be available after the war.
Photo: The knotty pine cabinets remind me of Ozzie and Harriet. For those who recall the show, the set was created to duplicate as much as possible the Nelson's actual home. The show was shot in the 50's, but their kitchen  may have been done in the 40's with similar cabinets
Photo: the 1946 kitchen from another angle. The stove is obviously from another decade.
Photo: this photo was taken in 1946. You can see the kind of dinette chairs we commonly associate with the 50's .
Photo: 1946 photo. This looks like a 30's kitchen with a 40's touch, decals on the cabinets.
Photo: 1947 ad for Armstrong floors.
If you're trying to recreate a 40's look in anything you'll find that it's mostly a mixture of what we think of as 30's or 50's.
Photo: 1947 

This is from an article about dishwashers.  You'll notice they were top loading. There was a model that converted from a dishwasher to a washing machine. You switched tubs.
Photo: Obviously a flooring ad.
Photo: This kitchen is set up at the Strawberry banke museum in Portsmouth, NH. The house was built in 1720, but it is set up as it was during the 1940's. The owner of the house ran a grocery store that was in the room next to this kitchen. At this time the stove seen here was no longer in use. In other pictures from the 30's and 40's, I've seen these old stoves used as additional counter and storage space.
There are pictures of the grocery store in the Strawberry Banke album.
Photo: The stove that would have been in use in the 1940's Strawberry banke kitchen. We had the same wallpaper in the kitchen of a house my parents bought around 1960. The kitchen had been remodeled around 1950. Others have recognized this wallpaper from late 40's and 50's kitchens. It must have been popular.
Photo: another view of the kitchen.