Aug 4, 2006Public
Photo: 1950. My mom had one of these. It was a great range.
Photo: 1951
Photo: 1951
Photo: 1951
Photo: 1951 Frigidaire electric range
Photo: 1951
Photo: 1951
Photo: 1957 ad for a microwave oven. They took a long time to catch on.
Photo: 1955 They called this a leisure kitchen.
Photo: Another shot of the 1955 ultra modern kitchen. I didn't know anyone who had this look til the late 60's.
Photo: Another view of the leisure kitchen.
Photo: The look is an ultramodern design which was before its time, but the designer was hampered by 1955 technology. Notice the refrigerator on the immediate right. Or is that 2 refrigerators butted together?
Photo: 1952 This lady must be showing off her brand new kitchen.
Photo: An ad for steel kitchen cabinets,
Photo: foodarama!