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Photo: fireplace in the Fenno House kitchen
Photo: the Fenno kitchen
Photo: shelves in the Fenno kitchen
Photo: the backdoor of the Fenno house. This is the side as it would be seen from inside
Photo: the Fitch House
Photo: front door of the parsonage
Photo: Parsonage front staircase
Photo: Parsonage, the parents' bedroom, with stenciled walls
Photo: Parsonage, parlor curtains, wallpaper and mirror
Photo: fireplace in the Fitch house
Photo: Fitch house, showing construction detail
Photo: the Fitch parlor
Photo: Fitch parlor, showing stove.
Photo: another view of the Fitch parlor. in the early 19th c. furniture was still arranged along the walls when not in use, and rooms were multifunctional
Photo: washstand, Fitch house
Photo: a table/bench in the Fitch kitchen. Furniture pieces could also be multifunctional. There are other examples of such pieces in some of the other albums.
Photo: kitchen fireplace, Fitch house
Photo: kitchen, Fitch house
Photo: a gutter over the door
Photo: whale oil lamps
Photo: a folding arm wall lamp and a tatter's lamp. The glass globes were filled with water and would magnify the light of the candle
Photo: Parsonage office
Photo: parlor fireplace, Parsonage, closed for summer. These panels could be made to match the wainscot, or wallpapered, or decoratively painted with scenes or flowers.
Photo: fireplace in Parsonage kitchen