Victorian exterior color schemes
Dec 10, 2012Public
Photo: Generally the body of the house would be painted one color, and structural parts, like corner posts, door and window surrounds another color. The first floor is painted in 2 shades of green, the upper story in 2 shades of clay or rust. The roof shingles seem to be painted the same color as the body.
Photo: Here the entire body of the house is one color, shutters are green. Green was always a popular color for shutters, or blinds as they were more often called. Here the porch spindles are painted to match the body of the house. Structural timbering painted slightly darker, maybe an ochre. Window frames and probably the door perhaps a clay. The roof seems to maybe be a shade of brownish earthy green.
Photo: The body of the house looks to be a color like ochre. Don't be fooled by the greenish color on the side of the house. The colorist was trying to create a shadow effect. Structural timbering accents are painted a shade of green, shutters (or blinds) are the typical darker green. Roof  looks like a clay red.
Photo: Looks like just 2 colors used on this one. Most houses of the period between 1870 and 90's used just 2 colors.  In the 80's & 90's they started using 3 or 4 more often.