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Photo: Interior of a Jamestown settlement cottage. This was one half of the house.
Photo: homes in the Jamestown, VA settlement.
Photo: Interior of Powahatan house at Jamestown
Photo: Another view of Powhatan interior
Photo: Jamestown, Powhatan village
Photo: 1810 Tennessee cabin
To find out more about cabin life look for the Brinegar cabin site on my links page

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Photo: This is an 1870's style Texas cabin built for a Ron Howard movie.
Photo: interior of a cabin, 1856
Photo: Interior of the Ron Howard 1870's cabin
Photo: This is a reproduction of an 18th c. cabin in Onondaga, NY. All the furnishings are original except for the clock which is from a later period.
Photo: Another view of the Onondaga cabin showing a turned up bed. The table in the center of the room would be turned  up into a bench during the day. You can make out the seat underneath.
Photo: Tennessee cabin fireplace