EARLY 2OTH C. ROOMS @1900-1920
Aug 5, 2006Public
Photo: 1904 parlor. Note that as in bedrooms, the parlors also tend to have simple curtains and shades. The heavy draperies that we associate with the 19th c were huge dust and dirt catchers and hard to keep clean. Most housewives, when faced with the choice of high fashion or cleanliness often opted for the latter. With time the heavier draperies began to vanish altogether.
Photo: An Edwardian parlour, early 20th c.
Photo: 1901, British, by Baillie Scott, Arts and Crafts style,
Photo: 1901 bedroom by Bugatti
Photo: 1918 Lady Sackville's Regency style bedroom
Photo: A fashionable early 20th c. bedroom designed by Elsie DeWolfe. She was the woman who basically invented the style of interior design used for most of the 20th c.
Photo: Elsie De Wolfe's bedroom, early 20th c.
Photo: circa 1910, by Elsie De Wolfe. This was a very popular look and was called "the old French look".
Photo: @1910-1920
Photo: 1903 This was described as a Colonial mantel with an English hob grate in the home of Mrs. Candace Wheeler, a noted decorating authority (from her book).
Photo: 1903 A sitting room in a large country house.
Photo: 1903 the dining room from the same house as the previous picture.
Photo: 1903 A dining room in "Pennyroyal" a small summer cottage belonging to a socialite.
Photo: 1903 a sofa in the cottage "Pennyroyal".
Photo: 1903 Front hall of a town house
Photo: 1903 a wealthy New Yorker's dining room.
Photo: 1903 the other wall of the NY dining room.
Photo: 1903 Upper hall in a city house
Photo: 1903 Described as a buckram frieze for a dining room, note portiere.
Photo: 1910 APPLIQUE TABLECLOTH. Appliqued fabrics were very expensive before this
Photo: 1907 a parlor decorated in the Colonial style
Photo: 1907 a summer parlor