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Photo: The cover, don't you just want to hug him? Woman's Day cost 2 cents in 1941.
Photo: What Do You Think of it Now?  (the draft)......see next image
Photo: In 1940 the editors wrote to high school kids asking them how they felt about the draft. Surprisingly, most of them were for it. A year later, the editors wrote back to the kids and asked how they felt about it a year later. These are some of their answers......continued on the next image.
Photo: What do you think paqe 3
Photo: What do you think p 4
Photo: Ketchup as spaghetti sauce? I don't think so. It reminds me of a recipe I found for someone's best spaghetti sauce. They poured a bottle of BBQ sauce on the spaghetti.
Photo: Granny square afghans were hot in 1941, and 1971. ....We even have a couple for sale on New England Miniatures.
http://www.newenglandminiatures.com/black-granny-square-spread.html...... and ....http://www.newenglandminiatures.com/white-granny-square-afghan.html
Photo: Now who thought of happifyin'? It is a catchy sounding word, though.
Photo: A-1 and a guaranteed never fail souffle. Do real men eat souffle? I know they eat quiche. Mine does anyway.
Photo: When I was a kid I hated wieners with skins.
Photo: Lots of companies offered premiums. Here you can get a handy oven thermometer for 25 cents and 4 toilet paper wrappers.
Photo: While from Treet you could get a gold plated pin.
Photo: Mom's life got easier when she didn't have to boil the starch.
Photo: A little article about husbands and wives. I'll be darned, New England Miniatures has that sofa, chair, and the round table too!
Photo: page 2
Photo: Thanksgiving from Ann Page. America was preparing for war. Men in uniform were seen in ads.
Photo: Do's and Dont's of Decorating - 1941, page 1 of 3
Photo: Do's and Dont's of Decorating - 1941, page 2 of 3
Photo: Do's & Don'ts of Color 1941 page 3 of 3
Photo: Woman's Day always featured recipes, though the ones in this issue weren't very interesting. This one was a little different, though. I've never seen anything like it. I might try it using sausage. My husband likes sausage and used to like mush, though I haven't made it in years.....I had a hard time scanning this recipe, each time the page would fold somehow, even though it looked perfectly fine when I laid it down.  BTW, Miss Carrie Johnson won a prize for this budget recipe.
Photo: There were 3 Thanksgiving menus shown in the issue. The other 2 follow.
Photo: Thanksgiving menu 1941
Photo: Thanksgiving menu # 3
Photo: Gee - liver loaf, in a can.