May 14, 2008Public
Photo: Day 1: Fresh out of the gates. Checking out the guide book
Photo: Bicycle Rickshaw
Photo: Red Fort, Delhi
Photo: Indian flag
Photo: Red Fort at dusk
Photo: Stinky night market with stray cows
Photo: Hard-working bicycle rickshaw
Photo: Traveling to Agra from Delhi by train
Photo: Grabbing onto the bumper of the rickshaw
Photo: "Take our picture!'
Photo: Attack of the kids
Photo: Kids try a mangosteen we brought from Thailand
Photo: He took this one.
Photo: Majestic Taj
Photo: The Taj Mahal
Photo: A saree is proper dress for the Taj
Photo: A random group of Indians started laughing at us and wanted a picture- nice.
Photo: Cooling in the shade at Taj Mahal
Photo: Orange tree
Photo: Baby Taj Mahal