Sep 22, 2008Public
Photo: Benedict, grandson of Bernd, finishes off his ice cream
Photo: Bernd's family outside of Fussen
Photo: View of the Austrian Alps
Photo: Jason skids to the finish line on an alpine coaster
Photo: Neuschwanstein
Photo: Hohenschwangau
Photo: Martin and his tunes
Photo: St. Moritz, Switzerland
Photo: A Swiss train
Photo: St. Moritz Lake
Photo: St. Moritz Lake
Photo: The ritzy downtown
Photo: Winding Alpine roads
Photo: Windsurfing on Lake Como
Photo: Lake Como was calm
Photo: Jason takes a ride
Photo: Ancient buildings
Photo: Como after the rain
Photo: Belagio, Italy
Photo: A colorful past
Photo: country restaurant sign
Photo: Como from above
Photo: A perfect tent site
Photo: The hike in the clouds