Nov 1, 2008Public
Photo: Hand carved and painted Peruvian art
Photo: Boy with his alpaca
Photo: Zip line attire in the jungle
Photo: Flying above the rain forest
Photo: Hanging out there
Photo: Boating on the Amazon Delta
Photo: Ewa hold a tiny parrot
Photo: Sassy parrot
Photo: Spider in Manu National Park
Photo: Butterfly in Manu National Park
Photo: Jaguar tracks
Photo: Amazon Delta
Photo: Old tree
Photo: Walking tree, it moves every year
Photo: Tangles roots of the jungle
Photo: Our river guide
Photo: Sunset at Boca Manu
Photo: jungle bird
Photo: Ear mushroom
Photo: Local medicinal plants
Photo: Ant eater hole
Photo: Beaded jewelry
Photo: The boy burned family house down 3 weeks prior
Photo: Rainforest hut