java 2011
Jul 15, 2011Public
Photo: Javanese girls posing at the water palace in yogyakarta
Photo: Mt Merapi at dawn
Photo: Avshalom with Mt. Bromo in the background
Photo: It's not a benediction; Temi smashed her finger and had to hold it upright
Photo: The sea of sand and monastery in the Mt. Bromo caldera
Photo: Horse in the Bromo caldera
Photo: After the erupion: Lahars (mudflows from the volcanos) cut through villages
Photo: Cleaning up the debris (note the mosque in the background)
Photo: House damaged by debris from Mt. Merapi
Photo: Washed out roads after the eruption
Photo: River running through Yogyakarta city; note the sandbags and fortification to stop the flooding
Photo: Trees denuded by the eruption, Bromo
Photo: Sunrise over the Kedu plain , Borobudur
Photo: Breakfast over Borobudur (temple in the background)
Photo: Transportation around Borobudur
Photo: Temi bicycling from temple to temple, Yogyakarta
Photo: Prambanan temple compound, with local tourists