Baroque music festival in Bolivia
May 25, 2014Public
Photo: We travelled from mission town to mission town in the steamy lowland forests of Bolivia, listening to music inspired by the church
Photo: San Xavier mission, founded in 1691.
Photo: The bell tower of San Xavier.  Each cathedral is the center of a town, with an active plaza, around which the indigenous people came to live.
Photo: The front entrance to San Xavier cathedral . During the festival, each mission town hosted 2-3 concerts per day.
Photo: A Chilean ensemble performing in San Xavier cathedral.
Photo: The  ensembles play baroque music composed both in Europe and the Americas.
Photo: A gathering place in Concepcion, the next mission town on our trip.
Photo: A hot, lazy afternoon in the town plaza in front of the Concepcion cathedral mission.
Photo: Gathering for mass.
Photo: In addition to concerts, we also attended daily mass.  This afternoon in Concepcion
Photo: A Bolivian ensemble who played Vivaldi, Locatelli, and Telleman.....
Photo: whose music was brought to the Americas by the Jesuits....
Photo: as well as compositions by indigenous composers, now known to us only as "Anonimo."
Photo: Many of the mission churches are still undergoing reconstruction, painstakingly restored to their glory days by local artisans
Photo: The backyard of a wood carver's workshop
Photo: Preparations for the evening concert
Photo: Along the way, between mission towns, we stopped to visit local villages
Photo: play some football, er, basketball, er, pin the tail on the donkey?
Photo: visit coffee plantations
Photo: and lumber yards.....where deforestation really comes alive...
Photo: Temi in front of our hotel in a mission town