Department Welcome Party 2006
Oct 8, 2008Public
Photo: Moorea
Photo: Jane
Photo: Cake!
Photo: Meat on a stick
Photo: More food
Photo: Moorea and Chinghway
Photo: Richard and Daniel - way too happy officemates
Photo: Partha and Arnab
Photo: Margaret!
Photo: Sach and Nancy
Photo: Juliet and Erich
Photo: Greg and Chris
Photo: Frances and Moorea
Photo: Jim and Jing
Photo: Nancy, Elchanan, and Sourav attempt to open bottle (no success)
Photo: Choong comes to the rescue and succeeds
Photo: Frances, Irma, Cathy, Margaret, and Victoria
Photo: Brad and CHinghway
Photo: Ching-Shui and Margaret
Photo: David and Choong
Photo: JIng, Allan, and Dave
Photo: Mike and Oleg
Photo: Dave and Moorea
Photo: Grace and Oleg pretending they're having an interesting conversation =)