Pats's Retirement
Oct 8, 2008Public
Photo: Champagne and apple cider
Photo: Nourredine, Ken, Juliet, Ryan,  John. and Sourav
Photo: Judey, Pat, and her grandkids
Photo: Robert, Rick, and James
Photo: Cake!
Photo: David and Pat
Photo: David, Pat, and David
Photo: Juliet and David
Photo: Frances and Tim
Photo: Pat and Debbie
Photo: Haiyan and Pat
Photo: Pat's grandchildren talk to Michael
Photo: Shoot!
Photo: Pedos and Jamie
Photo: Ken, Michael, and Pat
Photo: Jamie and Pat
Photo: Pat and Frances
Photo: =)
Photo: Pat and grandchildren
Photo: =)
Photo: Pat in newly painted front office
Photo: Victor writing a message for Pat
Photo: David and Pat at Women's Faculty Club
Photo: Pat's party at Women's Faculty Club