Statistics Holiday Party 2006 12/8/06
Oct 6, 2008Public
Photo: Holiday Party!
Photo: Pretty decorations!
Photo: Food!
Photo: Allan and Megan
Photo: Dessert table (see ìWorld's Best Muffinsî)
Photo: Margaret and Frances
Photo: The feasting begins...
Photo: Allan and Dave
Photo: Richard
Photo: Irma and Julia
Photo: Richard and Sebastien
Photo: Karl, David, and Richard
Photo: Ying, Karl, Chris, Dave, and Guilherme
Photo: Chris and Allan
Photo: Brad and Guilherme
Photo: Houston and Kasper
Photo: View from outside
Photo: The backs of Chris, Karl, and Jian, and David
Photo: Allan, Sebastien, and Brad
Photo: Richard, Kasper, and Margaret
Photo: Sebastien, Allan, and Richard
Photo: Brad
Photo: Grace, Jamie, and Julia
Photo: Irma and Erick