First Year Lunch 2006
Oct 8, 2008Public
Photo: Greg, Mike, Richard, Ying, Victor, and Andy
Photo: Daniel, Karl, and Brad
Photo: Walking to Thai House
Photo: David, Andy, and Daniel
Photo: Making their way down Telegraph
Photo: David, Brad, Megan, Karl, Andy, Victor, and Richard
Photo: David, Andy, Karl, Megan, Chris, Richard, Peter, Daniel and Choong
Photo: Greg
Photo: Lunchtime!
Photo: Frances and David
Photo: Richard presents the menu
Photo: Peter and Richard are happy to eat lunch
Photo: Karl, Megan, and Mike
Photo: Mike and Choong
Photo: Daniel and Jing
Photo: Karl, Megan, and Mike
Photo: Chris and Greg
Photo: Choong enjoys
Photo: Ying, Andy, Vince, Grace, Kasper, Brad, David, and Victor
Photo: Good
Photo: Choong and Daniel
Photo: Brad
Photo: Arriving at the Thai House