Holiday Party
Oct 8, 2008Public
Photo: Choong and Jing
Photo: Let the eating begin
Photo: Ooh..
Photo: More good stuff
Photo: Is that duck hiding there?
Photo: Oleg and Charlotte
Photo: Moorea
Photo: Nimeka
Photo: Foood
Photo: Moorea still drinking water...
Photo: Nate contemplating life...
Photo: Frances and Charlotte
Photo: Charlotte, Irma and Frances
Photo: Irma, Nimeka and Frances
Photo: Dessert!
Photo: Dan and Dave
Photo: Elchanan and Tai
Photo: Still eating...
Photo: Richard and Dave
Photo: Moorea and Choong
Photo: Erich and Juliet
Photo: Frances and Mikhail
Photo: Sourav and Ethan
Photo: David and Peter