Fall Party 2006
Oct 6, 2008Public
Photo: Cathy and Chris
Photo: Karl and Richard get it on
Photo: Brad and Yueni
Photo: Brad and his buddy beer
Photo: Ram, Shankar, Arnab, and Partha
Photo: Sebastien, Chris, Kasper, and Dave
Photo: Jing and Chinghway
Photo: Josh and Charlotte
Photo: Greg, Karl, and Ethan
Photo: Nate and Frances holding Nate's beer
Photo: Allan, Chris, and Guilherme
Photo: Margaret and Nate
Photo: Nate, Nancy, and Ying
Photo: Chinghway, Chris, David, and Karl
Photo: Phil and David
Photo: Cathy and Frances
Photo: Richard and David
Photo: Pizza is here!
Photo: Erick and David
Photo: Irma, Eva, and Raul
Photo: Megan and Michael
Photo: Peter and Julia
Photo: Emilio and Katherine
Photo: Bullseye for Chris!