Jun 28, 2008Public
Photo: In front of the tower in Bern
Photo: Taxiing to the holding point in St. Gallen
Photo: Another lake in Switzerland
Photo: Säntis, still keeping the snow although it's already spring
Photo: The city of St. Gallen and the Abbey of St. Gallen
Photo: Walensee and the town of Weesen
Photo: The Shrine of Our Lady of Einsiedeln
Photo: The Einsiedeln Abbey from the side
Photo: The nice looking waters of Lake Constance
Photo: Churfirsten covered with snow
Photo: The Churfirsten chain of tops
Photo: Lake Constance
Photo: Taxiing after the follow me car in Bern
Photo: A lot of planes in Bern
Photo: A nice landscape
Photo: The plains of Switzerland are not many but you can find one once in a while
Photo: Due to a lot of rain in Switzerland, the landscape has almost always these beautiful green colors
Photo: Situated within a loop of the Aare River, the city of Bern is a university, administrative, transportation, and industrial
Photo: The suburbs of the swiss capital
Photo: The City of Bern from a bird view
Photo: the majestic river Aare
Photo: A close view of the HB-KON with open gulf-wing doors
Photo: The city of St. Gallen with its Abbay
Photo: The rail bridges leading from St. Gallen direction Zurich