St. Gallen - Samedan in Winter
Jun 28, 2008Public
Photo: We start our Alps flight; the weather is actually better than it looks on this photo
Photo: The Swiss Alps are just wonderful, especially when covered with snow
Photo: A flight over the Alps in winter is a great experience but requres good weather
Photo: Multiple high tops in the Swiss Alps
Photo: In front of us is St. Moritz and behind it is the airport
Photo: The Lej de San Murrezzan and part of St. Moritz
Photo: Going into downwind runway 21 of the Engadin Airport
Photo: We now see the runway of the Engadin Airport and the town of Samedan
Photo: Nice view! Perfectly aligned with the runway
Photo: Just before touchdown on runway 21 in Samedan
Photo: The building of the Samedan airport at 5600 ft MSL
Photo: The HB-KFU looks small even compared to this jet
Photo: A nice jet just landed
Photo: Next time we will fly with this one ;-)