St. Gallen - Yverdon - Geneva - Sion
Jun 28, 2008Public
Photo: Just took off from St. Gallen; the runway can still be seen in the upper left corner of the photo
Photo: The famous Abbey of St. Gallen
Photo: We landed on the grass runway in Geneva; a jest is just landing on the concrete
Photo: The jet is slowing down
Photo: On the grass parking in Geneva
Photo: A Boeing 737 just took of (the covers of the landing gear can still be seen)
Photo: An Easyjet Boeing 737 just departed
Photo: Starting from the grass runway in Geneva
Photo: A view of the Geneva International Airport
Photo: Leaving Geneva
Photo: We flew just over the airport; perfect view of the concrete and grass runways
Photo: A view of the city of Geneva
Photo: The city of Geneva
Photo: The huge Lake Geneva
Photo: The famous Jet d'eau in Geneva
Photo: A castle on the shores of the Lake Geneva
Photo: Approaching Sion; the Alps are nice and the weather is perfect
Photo: Turning for landing in Sion
Photo: In the valleys of the Swiss Alps
Photo: The runway in Sion
Photo: In base, just before landing in Sion
Photo: Final before landing in Sion
Photo: The tower in Sion
Photo: A view of the Swiss Alps