Passengers And Crew
Jun 28, 2008Public
Photo: That's me in the HB-KFU
Photo: Mimi always helps - a real copi
Photo: Me and Mimi in Yverdon just after the landing
Photo: Iva was smiling the whole flight
Photo: ... and waving
Photo: After an interesting flight we are securing the plane
Photo: The copi and the passenger ;-)
Photo: No fear, just fun!
Photo: A relaxed moment to talk with the passengers
Photo: Dessy is enjoying the flight
Photo: We are in Grenchen - just as many others
Photo: Checking the instruments is very important
Photo: What a serious copi ;-)
Photo: Such a nice weather; we enjoy it in Ecuvillens
Photo: We are with the HB-PPM, which can be seen in the back
Photo: Some Googlers (Vesko and Matthias) joined me for a sightseeing flight over Switzerland
Photo: Matthias: Flying with the HB-KON is a real pleasure
Photo: Finally I got Alex & Yana to fly with us
Photo: Posing in front of the plane
Photo: I'm checking the oil and Yana is enjoying the weather
Photo: Ready for departure?
Photo: Alex will be in the copi seat today
Photo: Mimi verifies the check lists even from the rear seat
Photo: Almost ready to turn on the auto pilot