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Photo: The view of the Teno Massif from the pass above Santiago del Teide, looking towards Masca. The road is fun, especially for people of a nervous disposition or those who suffer from travel sickness!
Photo: Scoria cone panorama viewed across potato fields near San Miguel de Abona in Tenerife.
Photo: Teide viewed from the car park at Roques de Garcia.
Photo: The view from Masca car park. Sadly I didn't get the exposure right to fully capture this exceptionally beautiful place.
Photo: Photosphere captured using a Samsung Galaxy S3, at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, UK. The same photo as the one I have posted to Google Maps, except, it is centred on the castle.
Photo: Afon Cwm Llan is a stream which runs alongside the Watkin Path into Nant Gwynant in Snowdonia, Wales. This equirectangular panorama was captured in July 2013 and processed using Hugin from three sets of bracketed images.
Photo: Afon Cwm Llan waterfalls photosphere
Photo: The tourist buses have departed and it is a beautiful December evening in Masca. A higher-resolution version is at
Photo: A palm tree next to the footpath at Masca in Tenerife. There is a higher resolution version at
Photo: Autumn in Glendurgan
Photo: A photosphere of the northern and eastern elevations of the Old Church in Saint Day, Cornwall. #photosphere #Cornwall
Photo: A photosphere of the eastern elevation of the Old Church in Saint Day, Cornwall. #photosphere #Cornwall
Photo: The Old Church in St Day, Cornwall, photographed from the north-western corner of the building. #photosphere
Photo: Teide from Calle Masca
Photo: Santiago del Teide
Photo: Caernarfon Castle Photosphere
Photo: Terraced fields near San Miguel de Abona on Tenerife. The fields have been dressed with pumice fragments to keep the weeds down and reduce water loss.
Photo: A dissected scoria cone at San Miguel de Abona in Tenerife. This cone was formed by a strombolian (fire-fountain) eruption.
Photo: The beach at Los Gigantes in Tenerife, showing the slope-stabilisation techniques used on the cliff face since the rock fall in 2009.
Photo: Irrigation channel at San Miguel de Abona on Tenerife.
Photo: Chimiche Quarry showing the granadilla ignimbrite, a pyroclastic flow deposit, in Tenerife.
Photo: A bridge over the gorge at Barranco de la Orchilla to the east of San Miguel de Abona in Tenerife. The gorge cuts through a phonolitic lava dome.