Mar 7, 2009Public
Photo: Canyons in southern Utah - aerial photo
Photo: Utah hills - aerial photo
Photo: Utah hills - aerial photo
Photo: Utah creek - aerial photo
Photo: Little Cottonwood Canyon from the plane
Photo: Superbowl 2009, Alta Peruvian Lodge
Photo: Beto and Randy
Photo: The puzzle fun begins; Michelle, Laurie, and Beto
Photo: Fred
Photo: Los Alamos ski group
Photo: Swimming pool at Alta Peruvian Lodge
Photo: Last run down Westward Ho, as seen from Alta Peruvian Lodge
Photo: Randy, Chuck, and Mike; wasn't it macaroni and cheese that you wanted us to order?
Photo: George
Photo: Laurie
Photo: Karen
Photo: Beto
Photo: Paul
Photo: Mike
Photo: Ken
Photo: Dallas and Brett
Photo: Mt. Superior and Hellgate from Alta ticket office; Brigham Young named this rocky cliff Hells Gate to keep his Mormon followers from venturing into the sinful mining town of Alta
Photo: Mount Baldy
Photo: Our crew headed into Glory Hole