201606-Bear in cherry tree
Jun 24, 2016Public
Photo: Black bear in morning after being coaxed out of cherry tree.
Photo: Bear in a tall cherry tree on Barranca Mesa.
Photo: Bear going for cherries.
Photo: Relaxing after eating lots of cherries.
Photo: What a long tongue!
Photo: Aiming tranquilizer gun to safely capture the bear.
Photo: Bear falling from tree about 12 minutes after being shot with tranquilizer.
Photo: Lopez and Beyer hold groggy bear with control pole so Martsh can administer more sedative.
Photo: Putting drops in bear's eyes so they don't dry out.
Photo: Checking the age of the bear: 18-month female.
Photo: The bear being carried away.
Photo: Bear is safely placed in cage for relocation.