Spirit Bears 2010
Oct 22, 2010Public
Photo: Coastline at Bella Bella, where our adventure began. The rain in the distance seemed an ominous sign.
Photo: From Bella Bella we took a water taxi to Shearwater, where we stayed overnight.
Photo: Gregg just missed photographing this Great Blue Heron (just beyond the dock) after watching it for over ten minutes; of course, it took flight as soon as Gregg turned his head.
Photo: Sea anemones attached to the docks at Shearwater
Photo: Sea anemones attached to the docks at Shearwater
Photo: A band of sea lions swam around the Shearwater dock, keeping us entertained for a good part of an hour.
Photo: A horde of sea lions swimming around the Shearwater dock
Photo: Sea lion at Shearwater keeps a close eye on us
Photo: Sea lions at Shearwater
Photo: Magnificent sunset at Shearwater
Photo: Mike, Steve, Mike(2), and Tom in cockpit of the Ocean Light II; steaming toward our first bear stakeout
Photo: Susan and David listen intently to the tales about previous adventures
Photo: Tom, Mike and Steve
Photo: Signs of the salmon-eating carnage are everywhere
Photo: Trekking across the delta
Photo: Mother grizzly and her cub search the pools for salmon
Photo: Got one!
Photo: Cub got one, too
Photo: Gorging on salmon